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Welcome to German SKY Alliance Family

since 2008

Professionalism in Simulation

Managed by Real Life Aviators

Feel the Difference of Flying

Hiring new Pilots

Welcome to German SKY Alliance

We are still representing former German SKY Airlines & SKY Airlines officially with your support. As adding Borajet Airlines to our family, with official permission taken, we are more strong and simulating the airlines as real as it gets. We are planning to give you a feeling of being a real airlines pilot at all. If you really like to be a part of GHY Group Family, you are heartly welcome on board.

Best regards,

GHY & SHY & BRJ Family
Pilot Flight Number Departure Arrival Status Altitude Speed Distance/Time Remain
Airline Pilot Flight Departure Arrival Duration Landing Aircraft Date
Sebastian Walter GHY 481 LDSP EFHK 02.55 -88 B738 30.Mar.2017 12:06
Sebastian Walter GHY 8988 EDDT LDSP 01.33 -227 A319-100 29.Mar.2017 14:40
Sebastian Walter GHY 8565 LSZH EDDT 01.09 -184 A320 29.Mar.2017 09:41
Manuel Wild GHY 2356 LSZH EDDM 00.39 -214 RJ1H 28.Mar.2017 20:04
Sebastian Walter GHY 979 EDDT LSZH 01.08 -174 A320 28.Mar.2017 19:58
Manuel Wild GHY 2134 EDDM LSZH 00.41 -141 RJ1H 28.Mar.2017 18:36
Cuneyd DURMAZ GHY 999 LTBA LOWW 01.45 -276 B738 27.Mar.2017 19:36
Sebastian Walter GHY 9044 EDDL EDDT 00.53 -224 A320 27.Mar.2017 18:26
Sebastian Walter GHY 9041 EDDT EDDL 00.48 -256 A320 27.Mar.2017 16:31
Manuel Wild GHY 2135 LSZH EDDM 00.41 -131 RJ1H 26.Mar.2017 15:52

GermanSky Alliance Members

Radio CS : German SKY
Foundation : 21.08.2012

Radio CS : SKY
Foundation : 21.09.2008

Radio CS: Borajet
Foundation : 15.06.2016

Radio CS : Candan
Foundation : 09.09.2008

German Sky Alliance News

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