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Welcome to German SKY Alliance Family

since 2008

Professionalism in Simulation

Managed by Real Life Aviators

Feel the Difference of Flying

Hiring new Pilots

Welcome to German SKY Alliance

We are still representing former German SKY Airlines & SKY Airlines officially with your support. As adding Borajet Airlines to our family, with official permission taken, we are more strong and simulating the airlines as real as it gets. We are planning to give you a feeling of being a real airlines pilot at all. If you really like to be a part of GHY Group Family, you are heartly welcome on board.

Best regards,

GHY & SHY & BRJ Family
Pilot Flight Number Aircraft Departure Arrival Status Altitude Speed Distance/Time Remain
Airline Pilot Flight Departure Arrival Duration Landing Aircraft Date
Kursat Keskin GHY 779 LTAI LTBA 00.55 -329 B737-900 18.Sep.2017 20:51
Thomas Mayer GHY 647 EDDM LOWL 00.21 -173 B737-900 18.Sep.2017 20:22
Yannik Zech GHY 2065 LOWW EDDS 00.29 0 A320 18.Sep.2017 18:04
Yannik Zech GHY 2064 EDDS LOWW 01.13 -125 A320 18.Sep.2017 15:56
MUSTAFA ECE GHY 0922 LTCG LTBJ 01.52 -114 B737-800 17.Sep.2017 20:28
Cuneyd DURMAZ GHY 6666 LTCG LTBJ 01.50 -266 B737-800 17.Sep.2017 20:28
Yannik Zech GHY 2065 LSGG EDDS 00.37 -397 A320 17.Sep.2017 18:09
Yannik Zech GHY 2064 EDDS LSGG 00.36 -286 A320 17.Sep.2017 17:13
Maximilian Kunz GHY 18K EDDF EDDM 0.59 0 A320 17.Sep.2017 15:24
Kursat Keskin GHY 770 LTBA LTAI 00.54 -111 B737-900 17.Sep.2017 13:55
Radio CS: GermanSky
Foundation: 21.08.2012

Radio CS: Sky
Foundation: 21.09.2008

Radio CS: Borajet
Foundation: 15.06.2016

Radio CS: Candan
Foundation: 09.09.2008


German Sky Alliance News

  • Summer holiday is over!

    Dear GHY Family,

    Our Summer Holiday will be over tomorrow! Hope you have had wonderful time with your family!

    We will be on duty just as normal and our Staff will continue their work as usual.

    There will be some changes this season, such as GHY Regulations and some software updates.

    All will be informed on our GHY General meeting soon.

    Wish you a great season and nice flights...

    Smile in the SKY

    on the behalf of our Family, 

    CEO & President

    Dr.Kürsat Keskin