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Welcome to German SKY Alliance

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Welcome to German SKY Alliance

We are still representing former German SKY Airlines & SKY Airlines officially with your support. As adding Borajet Airlines to our family, with official permission taken, we are more strong and simulating the airlines as real as it gets. We are planning to give you a feeling of being a real airlines pilot at all. If you really like to be a part of GHY Group Family, you are heartly welcome on board.

Best regards,

GHY & SHY & BRJ Family
Pilot Flight Number Departure Arrival Status Altitude Speed Distance/Time Remain
Airline Pilot Flight Departure Arrival Duration Landing Aircraft Date
Cuneyd DURMAZ GHY 773 EDDL LTFJ 02.43 -271 B738 27.Feb.2017 00:31
Maximilian Kunz GHY 943 EDDT EHAM 1.03 0 27.Feb.2017 00:20
Elias Trischan GHY 106 EDDH EDDT 1.04 0 A320 26.Feb.2017 23:58
Maximilian Kunz GHY 943 EDDH EDDT 0.33 0 A330-200 26.Feb.2017 20:40
Elias Trischan GHY 106 EDDH EDDT 0.34 0 A320 26.Feb.2017 20:35
Cuneyd DURMAZ GHY 777 LTFJ EDDL 02.49 -424 B777-300 26.Feb.2017 19:56
Elias Trischan GHY 106 EDDT EDDH 0.43 0 A320 26.Feb.2017 18:01
Taner Togrul GHY 4455 LTFE LTAC 01.03 -102 B757-200 26.Feb.2017 17:35
Abdican Ciftci GHY 27 HECA EHAM 04.14 -247 B747-400 26.Feb.2017 06:13
Nils Hinkelbein GHY 4435 EDDF KJFK 09.17 -284 A330-200 26.Feb.2017 05:20

GermanSky Alliance Members

Radio CS : German SKY
Foundation : 21.08.2012

Radio CS : SKY
Foundation : 21.09.2008

Radio CS: Borajet
Foundation : 15.06.2016

Radio CS : Candan
Foundation : 09.09.2008

German Sky Alliance News

  • Istanbul Overload

    Dear pilots,\r\n\r\nTRvACC is proud to announce our Istanbul Overload event for 2017. In 2016 Istanbul Ataturk Airport got ranked as the 5th busiest airport in Europe, with this overload event you can experience a realistic Ataturk Airport on VATSIM with full air traffic control service and lots of aircraft.\r\n\r\nFly in/out of Istanbul Ataturk Airport (LTBA) on Saturday the 25th of February from 16:00z until 20:00z.

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    Final version will be finished in a week time. 

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